Steam room Philippines
Sauna Philippines
High class sauna materials
Spa Philippines
Sauna, steam room, spa speacialist
Philippine sauna, steam room and spa
Spa Philippines
Philippine Spa
  • Installation and assembly of pre-fabricated sauna for 1 to 2 days.
  • Construction of custom-built sauna room and steam room for 15 working days depending on the size of the room.
  • Construction of custom-built spa for 30 to 45 working days depending on the size of the spa.
  • It includes electrical and plumbing installation.
Sauna Philippines
  • Sauna heater installation including electrical materials needed.
  • Steam generator installation including steam plumbing, water supply connection and electrical materials needed.
Steam room Philippines
  • Finlevi consumable products ensure high-quality and designed to make out the most of your sauna and steambath experience.
Sauna, Steam room, Spa Philippines
  • One year Warranty for the structure of pre-fabricated or custom-built and equipment units against factory defects and structural fault.
Good quality Spa materials
  • Finlevi offers Annual Maintenance Contract (AMC) that provides you continuous quality assurance and convenient operations. It will cover periodical services for your equipment and structure.
high class spa mateials
  • Inventory includes spare parts for the supplied equipment.
Spa in the philippines
  • Give assistance on design of sauna, steam and spa / whirlpool.


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